It means purifying the frontal area of the brain.

It involves breathing rapidly from the nose. In which the inhaling breath is passive and the exhaling breath is active. Inhaling breath is without a sound and exhaling breath is with a sound.

CONTRAINDICATION: It should not be practiced by those people who are suffering from Heart disease, hear blood pressure, vertigo, epilepsy, stroke,hernia or gastric ulcer

BENEFITS: It purifies the nervous system

              Removes sensory distractions from the mind and prepares it for meditation

              It energises the mind for mental work.

              It is beneficial for asthamatic and for those suffering from emphysema,bronchitis and 


              It tones up the digestive system.

              it destroyes all the disorders that spring up from excess mucus.

              It helps in the management of obesity.

              It arrests old age and helps in managing abdominal fat.

              Rebalances, awakens and purifies brain.

              Improves the functioning of the abdominal organs.

              Cleanses lungs

               Expels more CO2 from the blood and makes the blood alkaline.

               It also helps people with prostate problems.