What to practice

The time of NAVRATRI  is a special time.

It is that time during which we use make effort and take out time for ourselves in cultivating an environment around ourselves that helps us to conserve energy.

All powerful inner spiritual experience happens when our Physical, mental and energy bodies are functioning harmoniously and when our Nervous system is not unnecessarily taxed by the demands of our hectic daily lives.

There can be 2 solutions to achieve this harmonious state of body or mind.

First is that we make a change in our lifstyles that are conducive to harmoniously living.

Secondly we make a change in our attitude and our outlook towards the way we view life and live it.

This choice needs to be taken by us.

During the Navratri, since we are invoking energy into our systems. To support this experience to happen we need to do things that are energy conserving such as lessening our engagements, have a balanced work rest ratio, have good sleep, eat food that is nutritious and easily digested, reduce the intake of stimulants, maintain positive thinking, observing silence and spending more time practicing yogic and meditation discipline

The amount of time that we want to to commit to invite this experience depends on us and the lifestyle that we follow.

A very simple way is to, Observe a simple life with moderation to be practiced in all our regular actions.

Apart from this the regular practice that we would undertake is Chanting the 32 names of Durga via a facebook live session every morning for starting on Sunday at 6am. Feel free to join me in the chanting where you can chant with me. It would be a 60 mins chant. 

Happening at 6 am everyday with 5am on Mondays and thursdays.

Wishing you a very fruitful time during this special time of DEVI.