As a part of our natural rhythm the rhythm of the breath is our natural Mantra.

The sound that the Breath produces is SoHam

The sound So is produced while inhaling and the sound Ham is produced during exhalation.

During the inhalation the Sound So needs to be remembered and during exhalation the Sound Ham needs to be remembered.

In Sanskrit it means as I am that and is considered a very Potent and a Practical

Swami Jnaneshwar Bharati   recommends 40 rounds for about 6 mins and says that it is ideal to relax the Autonomic Nervous System (The part of the nervous system responsible for control of bodily funtions not consciously directed such as breathing, heartbeat and digestive process)

One of the main obstacle in the path  of breathing is the tension of the body and noisy thoughts in the mind. This obstacle can easily be removed by training the breath to flow at a steady and slow speed with the Soham Mantra.

To practice the Soham Mantra while breathing through the diaphragm.

Place the palm of your hand just below the Breast bone.

With the exhaling breath notice how this area gently pushes and in and with the inhaling breath notice how this gently pushes out and the lower ribs gently expands in an outward and side way direction.

Let the breath be smooth with no jerkiness and let the breath be slow with no pauses.

This can be done whlie sitting in a cross legged pose or while lying down on the back.

While doing this practice let the exhaling breath be slightly deeper than the inhaling breath.