Simple technique for grounding, centered and clarity

Our true nature of Ananda (Bliss) is covered up by veils of our Physical, energetic, mental, intellectual dimensions of our personality.

To uncover this veil that hides our true nature Yoga shows many ways.

One of the most powerful way is Mantra Sadhana.

During this age the scriptures prescribes Nama Japa, means repetition of the divine name (Mantra).

According to Mantra Sashtra (scripture) Mantra in form of Sound Vibrations carries in itself divinity and higher possibility hidden in it. Chanting it or repeating the sound vibrations again and again aligns us so that we can easily receive the higher vibrations and also express these vibrations through our actions.

to understand this easily take the most used Mantras in Yoga classes is the mantra Om at the beginning and the end of the classes.

The vibrations that are produced with the Om are very powerful and can be experienced at the start and finish of Yoga Classes.

the techinque that is described here is to make this customary chanting of the mantra Om more profound and meaningful.

This technique also makes this chanting of the mantra Om as a stepping stone to a higher experience of authentic Yoga Experience

As the mantra is chanted for 3 times for the first time the concentrations of the mind while chanting is held the our Muladhara Chakra( region around our genitals specifically at the perinium for gents and cervix for the ladies) After the chant the concentration is maintained and visualisation of light is done at the region of the Muladhara Chakra for 5 seconds.

For the second Om the awareness is moved to our Manipur Chakra(region of the navel) and kept there during the chanting and at the end of the chanting imagining light at that region for 5 second.

For the third Om he awareness is carried to our Ajna Chakra ( region in between our eyebrow) and the same process need to be followed.

These 3 chakras (energy centers) influence various dimensions of our personality.

The first Om in the above technique will provides with a feeling of groundedness, the second a sense of centererness and the third with a sense of Clarity.

With these 3 ways in which how we express our actions in the class would help us to make use of our time spend in a class so that we are able to align ourselves with the authentic purpose of Yoga and Yoga Practice