Ujjayi means victorious. The speciality of this pranayama is that it can be practiced in different even lying down. Infact it occurs in deep sleep when the mind is withdrawn fromexternal world.

It is also called the psychic breath coz it has the capacity to bring the mind to experience subtle states. For this reason it used in many other hgher practices of Yoga eg Mnatra japa, Ajapa Japa and Kriya Yoga and Prana Vidya.


METHOD: Become aware of the breath in the nostrils and allow the breath to become calm and rhythmic.

As the breath becomes slower and deeper contract the glottis so that a sofy hissing sound is produced like that of the snoring sound of a little baby.

Both inhalation and exhalation should be long, deep and controlled through both the nostrils.


CONTRAINDICATION: People with very introverted nature should not practice this pranayama. Those suffering from Heart Disease should not practice with holding the breath. Anyone suffering with Low Blood Pressure should only practiced when they have corrected their condition.

BENEFITS: It is an effective Pranayama in reducing Blood pressure

               It beneficial in case of insomnia and mental tension.

               It is benefical in healing spinal injuries.

               It strengthens the muscles of the epiglottis, which helps in reducing snoring and

                helps in voice culture.

                It is very beneficial in case of Tonsilitis, sore throat,chronic cold and bronchial



                People with hypersensitive throat and excessive hiccups are also helped.

                It is also helpful with kids with stammering problems.