This technique is one of the the very deep methods to achieve attentive power of the mind.

It is also very simple you just have to close your eyes and focus both of your eyes just in the middle of the two eyebrows.

Focus just in the middle and give it your full attention. Give total attention to it.

This is one of the most simples method of focussing the mind. The Pineal gland that is situated in this region absorbs energy very easily.

Not only that it craves and attaracts attention. This feature of the eye brow centre makes it a very suitable spot to focus on.

As you are focussing on it and at the same time it is craving attention. Both this factor combined together makes the focus intense and one pointed.

The technique is very simple to practice 

Sit in a very comfortable posture with the spine staying straight.

Closed eyes and then focus the eyes towards the eye brow centre.

And maintain focus give it all your attention.

As you are giving it your attention there will be times when your eyes would focus on it and there will be times when the focus of the eyes would become unsteady.

Whenever the focus of the eyes become unstable cultivate a sense of acceptance and continue the effort to focus in between the eyebrows.

This process of acceptance and continuing the effort to focus need to be constant. This constant effort would gradually build up the power of concentration.

The experiences that would happen during the process of focussing are just the byproduct of the atentive state of the mind. 

The experiences needs to be felt at the same not to be given too much importance. Instead the process that has brought the experience should be given and in this case is the focussing of the eyes to the eye brow centre.