The workshop that we are going through is called

Prana Jagriti Kriyas Mantra Sadhana

Prana means Life Energy

Jagriti means Awakening

Kriyas means Actions

Mantra simply means Sound vibrations

Sadhana means pracrtice undertaken with a Spiritual goal as its purpose


Mantras are one of the most potent way of awakening life energy.

and Sadhana comes from the Sadhya which can be understood as an achievement. Sadhana is the pathway to achieve the Sadhya

So Mantra Sadhana under this context means the Practice of Mantras is used as a path way to achieve a Goal.

The Practice of Mantras has a goal. The goal of the Practice of Mantras is to stop the compulsive patters of thinking.

It would be helpful to go throught the meaning or the defination of Mantras

Manas iti trayati Mantrah

The above defination means that Mantra is a tool that sets the mind free from impurities.

The Shastras outline 2 impurities of the mind 

1) It cannot focus on one thing for long and 2) It wants variety in experiences.

The next 21 days can be the opportunity to work on eradicating the above 2 impurities of the mind.

Apart from attending the class everyday some additional discipline may be taken to increase the efficiency of the practices that are learned in the workshop.

One of the additional discipline that can be undertaken is waking up at Brahma Muhurta that is at 4 am or 5am during the entire duration of the 21 days.

Second additional discipline that can be taken during these 21 days is that making the chanting of the mantra OM part of your every day life.

The mantra OM can be repeated silently

While waiting, While walking, while doing mechanical work,

Do not chant the mantra while doing work that requires mental focus and alertness or when operating machinary or working with sharp instruments and knives, while driving or crossing roads.

Hari om tat sat