Eyes closed see your inner being in details.

Close your eyes not just close your eyes close your eyes completely.

Closing the eyes completely refers to even stip the movements of the eyes when they are closed.

Whave seen our bodies from outside. We have seen our bodies in the mirror and we are conditioned to look outside.

With this technique we can cultivate the skill of looking inside and totally transform our consciousness.

First all the movement of the eyes needs to stop when they are closed.

For many start with open eyes and look around for a while then close the eyes and you would  enable to feel the movement of the eyes when they are closed.

Then stop allowing any movements when they are closed let them become stone like.

When the eyes totally stop and become stone like then begin the next step looking at the inside of the body in details.

Look through every part of the body look at your liombs from inside look inside your upper body look inside your face.

Look at the whole body from inside.

You would begin to discover one  dimension then another all a part of your inner all a part of you.

This technique would give a whole different way of looking at yourself.

You would begin to establisbh that you have an identity that is inner and far more that the external dimension that you consider ourself.