The literal meaning of Nadi is energy channels and the meaning of Shodhana is purification.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama purifies the 72000 nadis of the human body.

It invilves breathing in from the left nostril with the right nostril closed and then breathing out of the right nostril. After that breathing in through the right nostril and breathing out of the left nostril.

The completion of he above process once is considered as one round Multiple rounds are practiced in one practice session.

BENEFITS: It nourishes the whole body with the extra supply of oxygen.

              It detoxifies the blood with expelling extra CO2 from the blood streams

              It stimulates the brain centers and makes them work to their optimum capacity.

              It induces tranquility,clarity of thought and concentration.

              It is recommended for those people who are engaged in mental work.

              It increases vitality and lowers levels of stress and anxiety.

             It leads to deep state of meditation and spiritual awakening.