A few days back I was watching a small talk by OSHO.

One of his disciples asked him a question that Why is the mind always afraid?

To which the Enlightened master replied that Mind was meant to be a servant. Now what has happened is that Mind has become the master and the heart which is meant to be the master is so gentlemanly that it has allowed the mind to  be whatever it wants to become.

I shared these teachings with my Workshop class to which some of my students reported very insighful and funny responses on the whats app group.

One of it read "I am going to have to start following my brain. My heart is clearly an idiot.

I totally agree that my heart is totally an idiot coz as i came back home to write the blog i was welcomed by dog Coco and since she had been a good girl while i was away i showered her with a lot of patting and loving and spoke to her in a language that probably the words of which she also did not understand. The activity and playing continued about for about 5 mins at the end of it there was an experience lightness and joy in my heart and a smile on my face. 

It was totally an idiotic and stupid thing to do speaking in a language that does not exist and which is not understood by either me or the one towards whom it is addressed. But and idiotic activity a silly activity bought us both joy and expression.

The energy of heart does not follow logic to follows expression. Lesson learnt it is ok to be an idiot sometimes .

There was a pic in the responses by my student in which a mind scolds an injured heart of not learning and not able to save itself of injury. So true that our hearts do get injured and mind takes the role of the master to guide the heart out of injury out o unpleasant .

I have heard this saying Life is box of chocolate you never know what will you get. Thats the beauty of life my friends filled with colours bright and dark like a rainbow. Does a rainbow have a dark colour? We all know this truth of life.

And then there was an intelligent question that where is the gut in this. The gut is below the heart. Gut is more goverened by our instinctive mind.

In all this as far as the teachings of Yoga go. Yoga is the skill of harmonizing the head ,heart and hand by Swami Satyananda.

I thank all the student who followed the teachings and posted responses coz i because of you i wrote this blog which i totally enjoyed and still have a smile on my face.

Cu guys soon in class.