Prana Jagriti Kriyas

Prana refers to Life Energy which makes all life possible.

It moves into our bodies through the air that we breathe, through the water we drink and through the food that we eat.

The vibratory level with which it vibrates inside our bodies determines how healthy and conscious we are.

All Yoga practice are aimed at increasing and concentrating the amount of Prana that we have.

As the amount of Prana and its vibratory frequency begins to increase inside of us. We become more alive, conscious and sensitive to life.

So in Prana Jagriti Kriyas we perform actions that bring about this change in the amount and the vibratory level of our Prana. It brings about an Awakenini (Jagriti) in our Pranic system making us more alive and healthy both in our bodies and our minds.

Since Prana directly sustains life all the functioning performed by the body and the mind are improved and enhanced.

Through this Awakening we move towards healing and Positive Health.