Rechaka literally means exhalation.

Everytime we exhale we are purifying our bodies and we do this more that 23040 times every day.

In this Kriya we would be using Asanas that would be focusing on primarily on exhalation.

Then this Kriya moves into Pranayama technique of lengthening exhalation and it would conclude with Kapalbhati Pranayama whic is one of the 6 Shatkarmas(Purificatory practices) in Hatha Yoga.

The First Practice that we use in this Kriya is

Supta Pawanmuktasana

It involves lying on the back and as you bend one knee holding the shin bone with interlocked fingers and pulling the knee towards the abdomen on an exhale. on an inhale the pull is relaxed. This is done 9 times with each leg.

Supta Udarakarshana

This is lying down Spinal Twist, in which both the legs are bend with the thighs close to the stomach and we each side with the head twisting to the opposite side of the legs. With the hands, fingers interlocked placed underneath the head. 9 breaths are taken on each side.

Marjari Asana

It is also called the Cat Pose in whch the spine is moved is A and U curves while resting on hands and knees. It is also done for 9 breaths.

Viloma Pranayama

It is done in a comfortable seated position with the spine straight and the exhaling breaths are done with pauses. To be done for 5 mins.


This is a purificatory practice which emphasizes exhaling breath to be excuted in a dynamioc way and the inhaling breath is taken pasively. Also to be done for 5 mins.