Time to invoke the Divine Feminine energy in our Lives

NavRatri means nine nights

Nava means Nine and Ratri means Night.

Nights are there for us to rest and rejuvenate so that we are filled up with energy and vitality.

It is that time of the year which is celebrated to invoke the Divine Feminine energy inside our Nervous system. This energy is considered as Shakti (Power).

It is also considered as mother to all creation coz How can there be creation without mother? It is mother who gives birth.

From Yogic perspective it can also be understood as Yoga says that we are a combination of consciousness and energy.

To understand in very easy terms, the sense that tells us that we are alive is our consciousness and we also have energy. Consciousness is known as Shiva and Energy is known as Shakti.

It is the masculine and feminine principles of Life. The Ha(Sun) and Tha(moon)and that is how Hatha Yoga comes about. 

During  the time of Navratri the Shakti principle of existence is invoked through various Yogic methods and practices. These methods acquire special potency during these nine days.

Traditionally Navratri is celebrarted twice a year once in Spring and once in Autumn.

This specific time is considered auspicious and special coz during this time the subtle energies are powerful and active.

These energies would assist and enhance the experience of going inwards and make us available to connect to our innermost source from where the energy of life flows.

During this time all yoga practices done becomes more fruitful and profound.